The Binocular Sky


About The Binocular Sky

My name is Steve Tonkin. I have been using binoculars for astronomy since the mid 1960s and, as my main observing instrument, since 2002. I am also the author of the book Binocular Astronomy.

The Binocular Sky is my website devoted to the use of binoculars for astronomy.

There are several good websites on objects for astronomy with binoculars, for general binocular use, and other aspects of binoculars. The Binocular Sky is intended to provide all of these, where they relate to binocular astronomy, in one place.

I encourage the re-use and adaptation of my work. Everything here is published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA License. In short, that means that, if you find anything on this site that you want to use or adapt for non-commercial purposes, you are free to do so. The only stipulations are that you must make a proper attribution (please contact me if you want an acceptable form of words or if you want to suggest your own) and must publish anything that uses my stuff under the same license. For full details, see the Creative Commons page. Please note that the charts require additional attribution as required by the authors of the software with which they were produced, and that the Stellarium-generated monthly charts use Dr Axel Mellinger's Milky Way panorama; this is copyright and you should obtain his permission before republishing it.