The Binocular Sky


M44 (NGC 2632, Praesepe, the Beehive Cluster)

Constellation: Cnc
Object Type: Open Cluster
RA:  8h 39m 57s
Dec:  +19° 40' 20"
Magnitude: 3.1
Recommended minimum aperture: 50mm

Charts for 50mm Binocular (5° aperture circle).   Click on a chart to print it.


M44, which is visible to the naked eye, is in the same 5° field as γ, δ, and η Cancri, and contains ε Cnc.

What You Should See:

The Beehive is a very nice binocular object, in which you may be able to resolve up to 20 or so stars in 10×50 binoculars. You should also be able to resolve two binocular double stars, ADS 6915 and ADS 6921.

M44 is framed by an asterism known as The Manger, that has Asellus Australis, Asellus Borealis (γ Cncn) η and θ Cnc at its corners.

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