The Binocular Sky


M22 (NGC 6656)

Constellation: Sgr
Object Type: Globular Cluster
RA:  18h 36m 24s
Dec:  -23° 54' 10"
Magnitude: 5.1
Recommended minimum aperture: 50mm

Charts for 100mm Binocular (2.5° aperture circle).   Click on a chart to print it.


M22 is one field to the NE of λ Sgr, the ‘peak’ of the ‘teapot lid’ asterism.

What You Should See:

This is a beautiful globular cluster at ×37, where it shows a very much brighter core, very much like the nucleus of a comet. This makes it very clear why Charles Messier compiled his catalogue of objects that were not to be confused with comets. It is the third largest of the southern hemisphere globular clusters and, despite this accolade usually being given to M13 (which is easier to observe), is the largest globular that is visible from the UK.

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