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Discover the Night Sky through Binoculars

"This book is the next best thing to having an experienced club member chatting you through interesting things to see."

Tonkin, Stephen: Discover the Night Sky through Binoculars

A systematic guide to Binocular Astronomy

Discover the Night Sky through Binoculars is for the beginning amateur astronomer (or anyone else) who has been given the advice to "start with binoculars", and wants further guidance on how to go about it. Anyone who follows this year-long systematic approach will acquire a sound basic knowledge of the night sky (as seen from northern temperate latitudes) and will gather useful snippets of astronomical miscellany along the way.

There is a set of downloadable higher resolution, full-colour charts, specifically for this book, which you may print out or store on your tablet or other device for use in the field.

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Binocular Astronomy, 2nd Edition

Tonkin, Stephen: Binocular Astronomy, 2nd Edition

It would seem odd not to recommend my own book!

The first edition of this title was praised for its suggested objects for observation and especially for the finder charts for each object. In this second edition, this section is expanded in three ways. There are new objects, more information on each object, and a re-organization of the objects for binoculars for easier selection.

Binocular Astronomy 2nd Edition puts an emphasis on understanding binoculars and their use. The additional content reflects the latest developments in technology, new testing techniques, and practical ideas for binocular use. It also responds to the substantially positive reviews of the first edition, and is now even better suited to its target readership.

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Understanding and Attaining 3-axis Binocular Collimation

Cook, William J.: Understanding and Attaining 3-axis Binocular Collimation

Astonishingly useful little book.

If you tweak binoculars, you'll want this book. It is a no-nonsense, high SNR, exposition on binocular collimation that explodes the myths promulgated by ultracrepidarian internet experts and sets you on the path to being able to achieve full collimation by making a simplified Mk5-type collimator.

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Binoculars: Fallacy & Fact

Cook, William J.: Binoculars: Fallacy & Fact

This is the book that other people wanted Bill Cook to write, before his insights and wisdom were lost forever.

Every chapter is written with the clarity, directness and economy that those who know him have come to expect from Bill Cook; it is born of a thorough familiarity with his subject. There is a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom and insight encapsulated in these pages and there is nothing that I did not find interesting. You will find stuff here that you just won’t find elsewhere. If you use, or intend to use, binoculars, you should read this book.

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Collins Gem: Stars

Ridpath, Ian and Tirion, Wil: Collins Gem: Stars

This little "gem" is often overlooked by serious astronomers, but its small format (8cm x 11.5cm) gives you a star atlas in your shirt pocket! Separate chart for each constellation, down to mag 5. Lots of DSOs, including the Messiers, are marked.

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Turn Left at Orion

Consolmagno, Guy & Davis, Dan: Turn Left at Orion

The new edition of this excellent book, packed with viewing tips and clear instruction. Also realistic drawings of what you can expect to actually see.

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