The Binocular Sky


About the Shopfront

The purpose of the shopfront is twofold:

I recognise that, when something is being sold on commission, the buyer is justified in being wary of the seller's descriptions. However, I have, over many years, developed a reputation of which I am very jealous. I will not, therefore, compromise my integrity and risk damaging my reputation by knowingly describing something inaccurately.

For this reason, anything I recommend on The Binocular Sky Shopfront will be something that either I, or somebody whose opinion I trust, has used. Some of this is equipment I last used several years ago, before I considered developing this website. It is also possible that what I am suggesting may be based on a superseded model, so my opinion may be out of date.

In order to go some way towards remedying this, I am pleased to have become an affiliate of First Light Optics (FLO) (which is at least as jealous of its reputation as I am of mine) and am gradually "moving" my recommended equipment from Amazon to FLO. Not only will FLO provide me with equipment to review, so you will have an up-to-date comprehensive review and a better idea of when I last used it, but will also back up any sales with its peerless after-sales service.

Since I started The Binocular Sky in 2011, several retailers have approached me about advertising their wares on my site; I have always declined because of the risk of being perceived to be "in a retailer's pocket". However, I am satisfied that this arrangement does not carry that risk: FLO has not merely agreed, but has encouraged me to publish a negative review if that is my opinion.