The Binocular Sky


R Leporis (Hind’s Crimson Star)

Constellation: Lep
Object Type: Variable Star
RA:  4h 59m 36s
Dec:  -14° 48' 21"
Magnitude: 8.2
Recommended minimum aperture: 50mm

Charts for 70mm Binocular (4° aperture circle).   Click on a chart to print it.


Follow the line from α Lep to μ Lep a further 3 °, where R Lep should be visible and identifiable by its colour.

What You Should See:

R Lep is a Mira-type variable, but is not included for this reason, but because of its colour. It is a candidate for the reddest visual star, hence its common name. Its colour, which is due to an enormous amount of soot (carbon) in its atmosphere, is obviously most impressive when it is near maximum, but is actually redder at its minimum because it is the blowing off of the soot that causes it to brighten. It is from stars like this that most of the carbon on Earth came.

Mean Magnitude Range: 5.9 - 10.5
Mean Period: 427 days

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